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Monday, 17 December 2012

First crocus, 'Out of Sorts III' and artisan bread

Hello everyone. How are you? Today I saw our early flowering crocus, Prince Klaus, opened! They are so early and so pretty! I walked to the studio with spring in my footstep!
Prince Klaus

Prince Klaus
Our last class for this year finished last Wednesday evening. My day work has been quite light. So I have been doing ceramics, mainly glazing and finishing, a lot lately. I have had productive yet relaxing time in the studio. This combination is rare. 'Out of sorts III' was fired. I wanted to layer colours. So I sent her for a second firing. She would be more colourful and dramatic!

Out of sorts II is ready for the second firing.

Out of sorts III, side
While I was busy doing ceramics in the studio last Saturday, Mike walked to the High street and bought two loaves of bread from his favorite bread maker, Wild Bread.  The baker, James specializes in artisan sourdough. It takes 72 hours to rise. It is delicious with soft cheese. We can't recommend his bread enough! His wife comes once a month to Canterbury artisan market to sell, so Mike buys two each time. He found that they do a weekly delivery, so we will ask for it from next year, if they can deliver in Canterbury. 
Country bread from Wild Bread 

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