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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Handmade cards

Hello everyone. Today was meant to be the last day in the studio before the holidays, but I didn't go. The technician who was supposed to be there sent me email this morning; she is down with flu. So my holiday started one day early, unexpectedly. That might be as well. I feel I am catching a cold, too. It was a dark, cold, damp miserable day here in Canterbury. I planned to do tidying up and cleaning. I did a bit, but a little bit. : ) Instead, I wrote a long email to a friend in U.S., read some blogs, twitters and news. One lovely news was that the whippet has arrived safely to a lovely whippet lover's home in Canada. Bravo!
This whippet crossed the ocean safely! 
I also delivered Christmas cards to neighbours, with the dogs, Topaz and Pearl. One of them are a retired graphic designer couple. The husband bought two of my chameleons for himself and a large one for his grandson. They have given me good advice on branding, which I really appreciate. For them, I made another chameleon card. (Last Thursday I made several chameleon cards for my family and friends in Japan because I misplaced Christmas cards (since then I found them in Mike's desk!). This is one of the first ones I made. I have improved the design since, but you can see what they are like. I found making cards fun!
My chameleon card
Handmade card for a friend. 
I also have a couple of ceramics fired and need to be taken photos of. This is one of my new rabbit bowls, but cobalt oxide ran under the clear glaze. It needs a bit of adjustment.

the clear glaze fluxed too much. 

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