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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Waiting for Next Bang and winter walks

Hello everyone. We have been busy listing our ceramics today. Taking photos and listing take a long time. Today's would be the last listing before New year, I think.

Here is the photo of the 'Waiting for the next bang'. I like him. It was an experiment, and I think that all those paintings done by my students friends in our course have influenced me. He is quite tall for my work; 24 cm. 

Waiting for next bang
During the morning walk, Pearl thought she saw a cat. Well,  in fact, it was a large leaf being blown in the wind. She became over-excited. So when we came back she was given some time to cool down in the garden. She is telling me that she wants to go back to a warm room with these eyes.  

'Mummmmmy, can I go? My white whiskers will get frozen.'
We went to the campus for afternoon walk. There is a large mulberry tree in the courtyard where Mike's office building is. I love these branches; lots of character.

Mulberry tree

Tomorrow will be busy, Topaz and I will take a small packet to the post office first in the morning. The whippet sculpture I listed last night had been already purchased by a lovely whippet loving lady in Canada when I woke up this morning. Tomorrow is Royal Mail official deadline for Christmas delivery to Canada, USA and Eastern Europe. So if there are any more orders from these regions, I will go back to post office over and over again tomorrow. If there are not any more, I will go to the studio to continue glazing.

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