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Friday, 21 December 2012

Rabbit wall mask

Hello everyone. I caught a cold on Wednesday, and I have been in bed all day yesterday. I read a couple of books I borrowed from CCC library whilst in bed. Lucie Rie & Hans Coper (Coatts, Ed, 1977). I like Coper 's works. They are evocative. Then I started reading Ceramics and the human figures, (Garcia, 2012) but soon aborted it. I didn't like what I saw, to start with. I can't connect with those figures. Coper's pots feel closer to me than a group of contemporary figurative works. Interesting.

I remembered to take photos of my rabbit wall mask when it was bright this afternoon. I like it, but I may enamel the eyes later. I wanted to have intense coloured eyes, but copper green looks washed out.
Wall mask detail

Rabbit wall mask by Midori Takaki
I used white crackle glaze, and it worked well with this rabbit. I like rabbits and make lots of them of all shapes and sizes. Rabbits mean a lot to me. I probably see myself in a white rabbit. I also made a goat mask at the same time, but I sent it for re-firing. Ceramics technician was off sick last Wednesday, so I couldn't see it before the holidays. I hope it looks nice!
Rabbit wall mask

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