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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Walk and Mike's first creme caramel

Hello everyone. Yesterday morning was finally sunny. Mike said there would be rain in the afternoon, so we took our dogs for a relatively long walk; they had been fed up with only short walks in the rain recently. The first thing that caught my eye were these early flowering crocus in our front garden. They were battered by rain and wind, still so pretty.
Early flowering crocus
 Topaz loves drives. Her most favourite place is inside the car. Pearl used to be scared of drives due to her motion sickness, but over the years she has finally overcome, and she is finally jumping into the car (only on the way to somewhere).

Let's go!
 Where did we go? This atmospheric place with sliver birch on the hill is on the university campus. We wanted to go somewhere dry and not muddy.

On deserted campus
 Pearl was keen to find something to chase. Look at her ears. She watches with her eyes and these jumbo ears.

How rude!

Mike with our pooches.
 There was this coniferous tree with yellow flowers and seeds. Bright and pretty.

The living wall is still alive! There were Helleborus niger flowering. How timely. Their common names is, of course, Christmas rose.
The living wall in winter

In the evening, Mike made creme caramel, one of my favourite deserts. This is one of the deserts I have made since we got together. But after watching Great Britain bake off, in which Mary Berry made a wonderful creme caramel, he decided to take charge. So here are Mike's very first creme caramels.
First, caramel

Next custard 

After 30 minutes in the oven, smooth beautiful creme caramel are done.  

Very smooth and lovely!

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