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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Architecture-watching on campus

Hello everyone. We had a glorious day. It was very old ( max. 3C!), but blue sky all day. We took our dogs to the University for a walk around noon. Mike told me that there is a new feature on the newest building, which was worth looking at. I call it architecture-watching.

First stopping point was the living wall. Despite the frosty night, it looked very much alive.
Living wall
There are strange seats near the library. Mike said they are for people playing boules.  I have only twice actually seen people playing boules on campus.
Topaz thinks they are not comfortable to sit.
 The new music hall is open now.

New music hall

Next to it, I found this. It looks like a man-made object, but it was a plant.
A branch?

Sky was as blue as it could be in Canterbury!
 Christmas is coming.

 Finally we reached the new building.

I like this cherry picker. It looks sweet!
 They hung lots of metal tiles on the facade. With a breeze, they moved and looked pretty.

Metal tiles

This is the art building. The reflection was beautiful.

Art building
Our dogs got bored. They much prefer going to the woods. But with all mud, we didn't want to take them, especially just after we have shampooed both of them!

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