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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beach walk and Ice baby guardian for Perin's baby

Hello everyone. We are having summer in England. It is so lovely! We took our dogs to the nearest beach, 10 minute's drive, this morning. Even though we got there before ten, it was already quite hot, well, just 23 C in fact, but sunny and no wind. Dogs didn't like it. They panted and didn't want to walk. It was too hot for them!
Whitstable beach

Just behind the beach, there is this house. This house has name, 'Fishermans arms'. I wonder how it got the name.

On the beach there are several flowers. Today I chose yellow ones. 

Probably Brassica family. 

This looks like poppy

Dogs didn't like walking. Topaz kept drinking water.

My black coat soaks up heat!
 Pearl kept sniffing around.

It smells of something here, here and here!

Once back home, they slept until late afternoon. 

Let a sleeping dog lie.

While dogs were asleep, I made this. Perin commissioned me to make Ice baby guardian for his baby. I am going to put some personalized motifs on the body, like plants and animals which have special meaning to him and his wife, Kath. I am thrilled to make this guardian for the new baby. I am putting lots of good wishes while I made him. I felt like I were a fairy godmother!  

Ice baby for Perin's baby, due in January


  1. Interesting roof line on the building and the curved window must let more light inside. How wonderful to be making a guardian for a new baby, such a great sentiment to think about.

    1. Mike thinks it used to be a pub. Lots of windows are bay or box here to get more light as you mentioned. Yes, I feel honoured to create something spiritual for the baby. : )