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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

One down, one to go.

Hello everyone. My assessment went well. I don't know about marking, but it went in peace. The atmosphere was just like you would expect in higher education. That's a relief!

Tomorrow I will proof-read the essay one last time, and probably change the titles! Two copies to be printed, and then I will submit them either tomorrow or Friday. Then, back to normal. Luckily June is the quiet month for my day job. So I have a chance to catch up before it will get busier in July.

I packed this one in the large basket. Mike said it looks like a fish basket! Topaz checks it if it is edible.

Topaz is wondering if she could eat it. 

I spotted this green butterfly, Brimstone shielding from light rain on the rose.
My favourite Japanese acer. Gorgeous lime green!

Pumpkin comes out every day, She has stopped laying eggs now. She potters around, and sleeps under the raspberry bushes.

All her feathers are beautiful now.
Water on the leaves. Mike shot this one. I would have removed the weed leaf!

The world looks much more beautiful once I have finished assessment!


  1. Yes a weight from your shoulders.
    I like that mottled green glaze effect on your "fish".

    1. Hello Patricia. Indeed. I like the glaze too. It is barium blue. It makes dry green colour in reduction firing. Almost verdigris like. : )

  2. Ha Ha Glad things are lighter now Midori. Topaz is so cute . Love all the photos ...the yellow rose with butterfly ...very nice! Of course I always enjoy seeing Pumpkin. How old is she, did you mean she never lays eggs anymore? . Love water on leaves shot ...the weed is Mikes wabi sabi, like cracks can be beautiful :)

    1. Thank you, Willow. I treated it as a job interview, and that worked well, too. : ) Pumpkin is 8. Yes, she stopped laying completely this year. So that's it. She is a very respected member of our family, and gets a nice retirement in the garden. I read your comment out to Mike. He looked most pleased. ; )

  3. oh finally you get to relax and enjoy the garden, pumpkin is so sweet.

    1. Yes Linda. I am eager to go back to creation again! Pumpkin is super chicken! We treat her like a queen, and she behaves like one! : )