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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Kate Lyddon workshop, fired works and my glaze trick (Don't do it at home!)

Hello everyone. I found the essay that I had almost finished was meant to be maximum 6,000 words, not minimum, last night in our class. Uh-Oh. Mine had 8,500 words. I edited it to just less than 6,500 words last night. When I went to bed it was two AM. Then I couldn't sleep for a long time. But I was already awake before six. Then I had a bit of nap until 8:30, and went to workshop by Kate Lyddon, a lovely young successful multimedia artist. It was really interesting and refreshing. I wish we could have more workshops by visiting artists. By the way, I was wondering if Kate was a bit surprised that except for Angela, we all are around her parents' age!

Kate Lyddon's website

Last night I checked my works in the studio, after our class. The big head looked fine, although his eyes became reddish brown instead of intended charcoal grey. Also the female figure's glaze looked so flat. I need to rethink it. I took some photos of fired works.

Big head
Do you remember my wolf? He was fired now. I am happy with patchiness, but might refire him. I might add different glazes to add more depth. I like the mean eyes. The glaze is my original cocktail trick. You add a tiny amount of iron oxide in a tiny amount of clear glaze. How much? I don't know exactly. But I know a certain colour of iron glaze makes yellow, so I add more oxide until the required colour was attained. No science, no formula. Just a guess! But it works! ; )

Yellow-eyed-wolf who ate Red riding hood!

My mean Wolfie
 Good night, everyone. We will have an early night tonight


  1. Hello, Midori, it sounds like you are incredibly busy these days. I remember when I did an MA, how very stressful it was towards the end with final assignmments and exhibition! Wish you the best of luck with your assessment on Wednesday. I like these works very much and congratulations on Red Riding Hood too, another wonderful piece. :)

    1. Hello Mark. Thank you. I am part-time and I'm in the first year, still hectic right now. I hope you can give me some insight in MA art school in UK! : ) I am a bit confused. Thanks for your kind words! : )

  2. Hello Midori-San! ^^
    Haaa... the big head is interesting... but i prefer the Wolf... ;-p
    if you want retouch your wolf maybe a smoker-technique could to give you more result?
    friendly kisses from France,

    1. Bonjour, Lenore san! Thank you for your suggestion. Initially, I was thinking to do raku on this, but I didn't have a chance (rain and cold), So smoke firing is an option. Masking is pain, but I will think about it. Kisses on both cheeks! : )

  3. Domo domo my dear Midori-San!!
    So.... What's happen finally to Mr Wolf?
    Have you used the smoker-technique, or you have choïce a another technique different at the end?? ^^
    Other than that, i had gone on your Etsy-Shop, and i had discover others créations that i had never see here... there is none doubt about it: it's Midori's Style!! °_^

    1. Ohayo, Leonore-san. I brought Mr. wolf back home yesterday evening. I ref-fired him with more reactive glaze, and white glaze. Still wondering about smoke firing. I will think it over until I get inspiration. Arigato for popping in my shop. Feel honoured to be called Midori's style. : )