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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm ready for assessment

Hello everyone. I did more preparation for tomorrow's assessment, and then did some day work in the afternoon. My business newsletters were clogging my email account. I have just cleared to the end of May.

Last night I couldn't get much sleep (Not again!- chorus) I have been yawning all day. Just one now! Is there anyone who has sleep disorder, too? My mother told me that I was a baby who didn't sleep at night. Mike, on the other hand, falls into sleep almost instantly. I am so jealous.

Here is some of  the packing I have done for tomorrow. Only a half is packed. The rest will be done tomorrow.

Bluish bits are blue tack.

Another head buried in papers. 

Trusty Blue Tack!
And here is my essay. I haven't read it through, but all pictures look alright. Now I am thinking to change the title! Typical of me! I will think it later. 

As there is no fun picture today, I will add the one I took last week when it was sunny. Pearl, the whippet, is wondering why it is so bright.

I am just pondering.
So, everyone, I will go to bed early again. I hope I can get some decent sleep. Good night!


  1. Toes crossed for much success!

    I was a sleepless baby. My mother told stories of holding me, thinking I was asleep, backing up to a mirror and there were my big (then) baby blues staring back at her!

    1. Thank you, Suzi. Oh, you too! Do you still have sleep problems? Only cure I know it works for me is to make something with clay at night. But it's not possible every night.

  2. I am wide awake to send you, Midori, best wishes!

    I am also a light sleeper. If the sun is up, so am I. Most times, I am up before dawn to greet the day! I rarely sleep more than 5-6 hours a night. Some nights are restless. Oh well. It is just the way I am.

    So sleep tight, little rabbit....

  3. Oh Charlene, you too! Your sleep is short. Do you feel rested in the morning? I bet you hear dawn chorus every morning! If I can go to sleep, I usually sleep 8 hours. My problem is falling into sleep. I had a decent sleep last night. Thanks! : )

  4. Domo Domo Midori-San! :)
    Ha...How was yours evaluations?
    Too much worry during yours examinations??
    Concerning insomnia,as i am an anxious personn, my nights are often agitated and i wake up several times by night (except when i can to smoke weed! ha!ha!ha!)>w< (blush)
    But Unfortunately..this last time, Rare weeks where i can to pass goods nights... =_=
    Friendly and tenderly yours,

    1. Do-mo, Leonore-san! Assessment went well, luckily. : ) We don't have exams. We have assessment on art works, and essays. I submitted the essay yesterday, so that's gone, too! I started creating last night and I went to sleep quickly. Making ceramic is my sleeping pill! I could do every night.

      You too! It seems so wasteful to be awake for hours on the bed!
      Matane! : )