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Sunday, 16 June 2013

New mask, beach walk and Willow's advice

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? I had productive time in the studio yesterday. I have prepared several pieces for re-firing. It happened to be Open Day. I also played a roll as an exhibit in the glazing room when prospective students and their parents were guided through.

Last night I made another mask. I still don't know why making something in clay helps me go to sleep. But I had a good night sleep!

New mask
This morning, we went to the beach with our girls, Pearl and Topaz. They became very excited. We had walked about one hour, and met a handsome male whippet, a large lurcher and their wonderful lady owner. Both Topaz and Pearl get along with whippets and greyhounds. They probably know!

Grey sky and grey sea.
They were really happy, sniffing everywhere and leaving their visiting cards! We also had a relaxing walk. 

Pearl camouflaged so well. 

There were lots of wild flowers; pink, yellow and white. They looked nice!

There were some funky beach huts.  

One beach hut stood out!
This boat looked in need of TLC. It reminds me of a whale although I have never seen a real one! 

In the afternoon, I started the mother of all spring cleaning, Yes, it's a bit late, nonetheless spring cleaning! Today I did kitchen and windows. I will attack a room a day.

Willow said that I should take time to smell roses! I did! They are heavenly scented. I pushed my little nose into several of them!  I felt much better! Thank you, Willow!

Willow's blog is here.


  1. Ha Ha ... like your title .Sounds like you had a delightful and productive weekend.
    Wonderful seeing Pearl and Topaz beach combing and to hear they met a new playmate as well.
    Like they funky bird hut , very expressive birds there ... I wonder what Pumpkin would think of them ;)
    Working with clay seems to soothe your soul perhaps ...ah soothed soul good nights sleep?
    So glad you took time to to smell the beautiful yellow roses , I got a vivid image of you with your nose in them lol ... fun, aroma therapy .
    Glad you had a great weekend, I did too !

  2. Hello Willow. Glad to know that you had a great weekend! It is like magic, my sleeping problem is cured by creating in clay. Yes, there is some soothing effect in it. My nose became a bit yellow from pollen! : D

  3. I love dogs and always nice to see them so happy. :) Your new mask is very nice, I like the natural cracks in the surface. You made one with no mouth .. a while ago I made two heads with mouths but no eyes. I used to find sculpture classes made me sleep well..I was always extremely tired from all the intense concentration. :)

    1. Yes, happy animals make us happy, too! (perhaps not happy sharks and alligators!)I would love to see your masks. How interesting! Yes, we need concentration. I have been sleeping well since I went back to creation, except for one night when Mike snored so loud that I woke up very early and couldn't go back to sleep again. I hasted to add for his honour that he was suffering from hay fever. ; )