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Sunday, 2 June 2013

First asparagus and a progress on my works

Hello everyone. It has been a lovely day, bright and warm! Although I have spent most of the day at the desk typing away at my essay, we enjoyed two long dog walks under the sun. My essay is already about 10,000 words (yes, it is 6,000 word essay!)

Mike was busy again. He baked my favourite hazelnut biscotti this morning, and then popped out to get our first asparagus and a punnet of strawberries from a farm shop among all the other things he has been doing. Every year we usually live on asparagus for a month, but this year the season is late, and they are pricey. We only buy those harvested that morning. Asparagus is one of the great joys of my life here in England.

Our first asparagus

Mike's hazelnut biscotti. Very moreish!

After the lunch, we popped in the studio to check the Big Head. The kiln was still hot, so while I waited for it to cool down, I finally finished three works that had been on my shelves for months.
Big head - he went to re-firing immediately. 
 They are this wolf,
My first wolf!
 And a rabbit and a female figure. All should be ready Wednesday evening.

The female figure had been on the shelf for more than one year! 
So I had a productive time in the studio. I added more colours on the Big Head and he will be fired again. I like to build up colours by multiple firings. I can't remove colours once I put them, so I start with less, and add more and more. Sometimes I fire them four or five times!


  1. oh that biscotti when I first scrolled down I thought it was clay and said to myself that looks just like biscotti, Ha. your work is coming along nicely.

  2. i like particulary "the big face" and "the wolf"
    i'm impatient to see them finish! ^_^

    1. Hello Leonore. Thank you. I'm hoping they fire well! Fingers crossed! : )