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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Perin-papa, Chicken head and Karen's cool film

Hello everyone. England is having a warm spell. People look happier everywhere. I finally caught up with my Etsy shop jobs. I have ordered packing materials, and I am designing my new business cards. I have also listed a couple of my sculptures. I hope I can list more this week. So please check them out.

I had a wonderful news from our friend Perin. He is going to be a papa! Kath and Perin used to come to a ceramic course at Kent adult education before they moved to New Zealand. He asked me to make a guardian for their baby. Do you remember my Ice baby? I am going to make one like that for them. How nice to make something for them and their little baby! They both love children. They will make wonderful parents. Their news made us very happy! Many congratulations, Kath and Perin!

The last two evenings I have worked at home on these.
Two blobs? 

They are going to be a gigantic chicken! : )

A chicken head. It's larger than my head!

Last night, I saw a very nice short film of a ceramic artist, Karen Banks. It was made by Paul Carr. It's so cool. I have known both on Twitter. Karen is a lovely lady; her gentle calm character is reflected very well in the film. I felt her quiet voice, her hands and a short appearance of lovely cats made such nice atmosphere. I was definitely inspired! One day, I would like to make mine, too.

Karen makes elegant smoke fired ceramics. Here is her website.

Paul is a film maker and photographer. His website is here.


  1. Congratulations to Kath and Perin.
    A chicken ... you know I am clapping wildly ... but that gets the dogs barking, so I must stop and go look at the films you are sharing. ;)

    1. Hello Willow. You made me laugh! Topaz also starts barking when we clap hands. : D

  2. *o* ...Ohhhh....My Goth!!
    This Chicken is very funny and kawaï!!
    i'm curious to see how you will finish him!! ^^

    1. Hahaha! I won't fire this, but will make similar one with white clay. : )