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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cracking pumpkin pots

Hello everyone. I slept until nine this morning. How lovely! We, girls, need our beauty sleep, don't we? Winter is back already. It was about 12 C. I wonder if we are entering the next Ice age. I have finished my final draft with all images inserted. I will ask the secretary about formatting tomorrow, and I hope it will be over soon. I will go to my first assessment next Wednesday, so I have also prepared for it last night and today. A busy weekend, again.

I made a permanent marble mount for Angel. Mike helped me to improve the mount for another piece. I have also assembled some of these cracking pumpkin pots. At this moment, it is so chaotic that I haven't manged to take any photos of the finished works, but I will do once the assessment is done.

Waiting to be assembled.
Some of them are going to the assessment with temporary fixing because I want to refire them. So, I probably use double-sided tape for them. I have heard that assessment is a nasty stuff. Students need to be battle ready. How annoying! My assessment in Kent University was very polite even though your papers get criticism, you also get suggestions and leads from supervisors. Are art schools a bit riff-raff everywhere? Isn't it the sign of the lack of confidence in teaching staff? Or, was I just lucky to be surrounded by 20 gentlemen and gentlewomen academics in Social Anthropology in Kent University?  

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Glad you had a sleep in day ... it is about time :)
    Nice to have had a good assesment experience in Kent. I would think that assesments of course can be a bit trying.

    1. Hello Willow. Thank you. Right now, there are too many things to do! Yes, understandably. Kent had mainly Oxbridge, and there was also one with blue blood. It might be their bringing-up. I really don't know. I will think assessment as a job interview. Keep cool and composed. One of students told me he will be in combat mood! : )