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Friday, 28 June 2013

Studio time and Pearl's 'cookie dance'

Hello everyone. It has been a busy week. It was one of the weeks when I went to post office to send orders every day. A good exercise for me. Thank you very much! I also went to the studio everyday except for Monday. Yesterday I went even twice, morning and afternoon. I have had productive time there.

Today I spent a whole afternoon in the studio. I used three different types of clay, and did throwing, turning, sculpting, and preparing clay. As I can use a whole studio, I assigned each table for different coloured clay so that they won't get contaminated. I found this method efficient.

Here is the vase fresh from a kiln. I call it a vase, but it won't hold water, as it has cracks and holes. I love it. It has a character, and I imagine it starts talking at midnight!

My new vase
The turned pots are waiting to be bisque fired. These will hold water. : ) They are all going to be reduction fired next week.

I have added textures on the two vases.

I usually come home before five to walk dogs, but Mike told me over the phone that he had walked them at lunch time so that they would be alright until he goes back home; so I could work longer. After six he came to the studio to pick me up. When we were back, dogs were very excited. Pearl was swirling and dancing. We realized that she was 'cookie dancing'. She wanted cookies, so she swirls in begging position, which is 'play bow' position with front legs extended forward and lowered and the hip high up. We were impressed that she could swirl in the position! Yes, they both had cookies. : )  After cookie, she stopped dancing, but stayed close to me for a while. ( maybe she wanted to have another cookie!)

I don't mind another cookie.....



  1. Oh, precious Pearl! A cookie dancer...what the best thing to be....your vase does have character. It doesn't need to hold water, it doesn't need flowers to add to its beauty.

    1. She is beyond anatomy. She can be very creative when she wants something! : D Thank you, Charlene. I love cracked pots (it sounds funny, I know). It is probably Japanese thing. Cracks remove tension from the pots. That makes me feel peaceful and calm.