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Saturday, 30 November 2013

New masks in Clouds part 2

Hello everyone. How was your day? We have run errands from morning until mid afternoon. Since then, I have made more little ones. I keep on making, so I don't let 'dark clouds' creeps into my life.

Yesterday I saw an old lady whom I sometimes meet during dog walks. She was alone. So I asked her where her dog was. She had to put him to sleep due to pancreas disease. She said she has misses him. We both became tearful. She said she has to keep going, so now she trots by herself. I promised her to have a chat when we meet again. I know her late dog's name, but not hers. It is time to get to know her. She lives alone and she is 78 years old.

I went to Sidney cooper gallery to deliver one of the sculptures this afternoon. It was very nice to see visitors smiling when they see my works. This brightened my heart.

I haven't shared all photos of my new work in the show yet. So I will upload the rest over a couple of posts.


Empress - details
My masks were inspired by African tribes, the Surma and the Mursi as well as Old Chinese paintings. African tribes decorate their faces and bodies in very artistic way. They look very wild yet beautiful. If that is not art, I don't know what art is. I wanted to create something wild and strangely beautiful, too.

Then I somehow made Empress, which reminds me of old Chinese court ladies. When I made her, I wanted to visit Chinese paintings exhibition in V&A; I booked tickets. So that must had been in my mind.


Poet -details

He is more influenced by the body art of African tribes. But I also feel a bit of ancient European civilization in him. I love his hair, Empress's and Forest boy's. The style is new to me, and I am very happy with them. I would like to play more on the textures in near future.



  1. The Empress is wonderful...I love her expression.

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you, Ruby. I like her too. I am also excited that my new textures and shapes turned out well. : ) Same to you!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry for this old lady who losts her dog... I know the grief when a pet is lost :( (sad sigh...)

    Visitors of your exhibition are smiling - oh yes, me too I'm smiling when I'm looking at your work. By the way, details of your new masks are really nice.

    1. Hi Ilona. It's sad to see dog walkers without their companions. It breaks my heart to imagine all things she had gone through. I will have a short chat each time I see her from now on. Thank you, Ilona. : )

  3. The Empress is impressive. I expect her to start issuing orders any minute now!

  4. wonderful work! and yes, its powerful energy is causing people smile !