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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ideal chilled Saturday for grown-ups.

Hello, everyone! We have had a nice day today. We went to town for shopping late morning. Light rains came and went all day. So, we intended to dash out, and come home quickly, but we found artists' stalls on the High street. I love them. It's like Etsy on our High street. Look at what we found!

Organic sourdough French bread
A lady was serving customers. She is based in Faversham, next town to Canterbury. Her husband makes bread and she sells them. He was asleep at that time (about noon) because he started very early. It is Artisan organic sourdough bread. We love them! Mike used to bake sourdough bread, but he couldn't keep yeast alive during cold months. She says it takes 17 hours to make. Ahh, it is so delicious. We had it with Mojito olives, Serrano ham,  Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese and a glass of cabernet sauvignon. Ahhhh, heavenly. What else would we need? We will go back to get more of the bread next time. I think they come every other Saturday. I will take a camera with me so that I could share the beautiful pictures of the different bread with you. It's shame you can't taste it!

After buying bread, we went to Waitrose to get my favourite cheese, Epoisses de BourgogneI knew it would go well with the bread. This cheese is always runny, but this particular one decided to melt. A young gentleman at cheese counter struggled to contain it, literally. So he put it in this olive container!

Actually the main reason we went for shopping today was to buy more Olympics mugs. When we bought them earlier in the week (previous post), I was eyeing a set of two bone china mugs by Royal Doulton. It was £4.50! 70% off! They are cheaper than ordinary mugs sold in supermarkets!

Royal Doulton Olympics mugs- bone china
London landmarks
After the lunch, I became very sleepy. It is unusual for me take a nap. Mike said '40 winks wouldn't do any harm.' I said 'I still wear contact lenses, so I can't sleep for long.' When I woke up, 2 hours had passed! Rain had stopped and it was sunny, too. I wanted to enamel fire my ceramics. So I quickly set it up, and fired them.  Here is the picture how they came out of firing. I am very happy with them. I will upload more of pictures later.
Humpty Dumpty rabbit box, a monster and a large chameleon
I did a bit of garden tidy up and watched baking program that Mike found on TV live. I seldom watch TV live unless it is sport matches. So I obviously had a relaxed time today. I would say we had ideal chilled Saturday for grown-ups.


  1. Mikeさんお誕生日おめでとうございます♪



  2. Mikeに伝えましたら、嬉しそうにしておりました。