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Friday, 30 November 2012

His wish was granted.

Hello everyone. It was a cold day. We had heavy frost this morning. Winter is with us. I shampooed Topaz at lunch time, and forgot to have a lunch, About two o'clock, I started feeling hungry and wondered why. Suddenly it occurred to me that I skipped a lunch!

I have worked on this head for several evenings. Yesterday evening I made a body for him, but he didn't like it. I tried to coax him by putting a bow on the head, adding eyebrows, removing eyebrows, adding them again, adding hair, removing hair and giving him a paper crown. But he just flatly refused it. So his wish was granted. I made another head for the body today. (I took photos of it, but they are all blurred so I will show you it next time.)  What did he get, then? This sac.      

Paper crown

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