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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A face looks like Putin, a bit.

Hello everyone. We had a sunny day today, but the air was definitely of late autumn. Our Pumpkin is still in a sad stage. She can't find the reason to live during moulting. We tried to give her all sorts of goodies, but she doesn't show any interest in them. We don't know how to cheer up our girl.

Today I did some tidy up, and watched half-heatedly a rugby match on TV. In the evening, I made a strange face. I call it a face, not a mask because I think I will make its body.It reminds me of Putin. The eyes will be blueish grey.

A face similar to Putin!
The sagger I made the other day is getting drier. I beat it more while it was soft, so it has a straighter wall now. Its lid is a simple slab.  I will take it in for firing this week, and hope to do some sagger firing soon.


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