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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The body, the Blean woods and a pear tart.

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? I went to the studio yesterday; I spent four and a half hours washing glazing tools and sieving glazes I made three weeks ago. Today I made a body for the head I made earlier in the week.
The body for Putin head
I am experimenting three things with this. First, I made a body from a slab. It is a common way to make ceramic figures, although I prefer pinching. But I think I will use slabs more often. Second, I will fire the body and the head separately, and will attach them afterwards. This idea came from Charlene' blog, Clay & Persimmons, which is not only beautiful, but also informative. I love the tempo of her blog. It reminds me of an old Japanese tea room where the time flows at a different speed from the outside. Until I read it in her blog, I hadn't even considered the option of firing body parts separately. Third, I am using different types of clay for the body (grey) and the head (E/S40), as well as different firing (oxidation and reduction) for them. I hope they will dry nicely without any cracks.

I had been longing for walking in the woods, for a while. There are a lovely woods near here, just 3-4 minutes by car, but because either it was raining or I had a class, I could not manage it until today. I chose Topaz, the loyal pooch, and Mike as walking companions; Pearl got lost several times, so we won't risk it again.
The Blean woods

I am definitely a woods person rather than a beach person. I get so much inspiration in the woods. I like walking alone, or with a dog. That is the moment all magic appears. The Blean woods are large. I used to walk with Topaz for two hours without being seen by anybody. I taught her a special sound for changing direction. So I don't have to talk and be recognised by other walkers. What fun to walk like that!

The Blean woods
This beech tree called me. I walked past it despite the call because it was a bit away from the path, but I had to go back to it. The call was too strong to resist.
Beech tree

Close-up, Beech tree
Topaz had a good run.

The Blean woods
Mike baked a lovely pear tart. Mike was given delicious Comice pears at work. It is one of my favourites. It uses creme fraiche, eggs among other things. It was so moreish, that we ate most of it!



  1. お誕生日おめでとうございます♪
    (遅くなりましてすみませんm_ _m)



    1. 有難うございます。:)柄?テクスチャという意味かしら?それでしたら、家中の引き出しを開けて、使えそうなものを探し出します。笑


      マイクのお陰で私は全くお菓子作りはしなくなりました。笑 太りますけれどね。。。

  2. Beautiful photos...and now that tart is making me hungry!

    1. Real woods are more beautiful. I can feel the spirits of plants there.

      It was a delicious tart. : ) I want another one! lol

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