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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Into the woods.

Hello everyone. I had a relaxing day today. I took a day off from ceramics, and walked in the woods, and listed my work on Etsy. Listing used to be somewhat stressful, but now I can just do it with BGM.

I wanted to see the beech tree that I saw last weekend. I also wanted to feel the air and the smell in the woods. I chose Mike and Topaz as companions again. He was worried that the woods would be very muddy after last night's rain. But off we went.

Rare blue sky in England in November
 We went about noon. We hoped that there would be fewer people, so we could park. We were right.

Coppiced area
 I love this silvery tree barks.

This beech tree is large. It is bigger than it looks. So to get a scale, I asked Mike to stand nearby. He decided to hug it. Three men would be able to hold the tree.
An old beech tree, a man and his dog
 What makes my heart trill is a fallen rotten tree like this.

I couldn't find the path we took last week, so I couldn't see the beech tree. This oak tree looked to me pointing the direction I should take. But we became hungry, so we walked back towards the direction we thought we parked.
Oak tree is expanding its arm

You must go between the 'U'.
Topaz couldn't find any squirrels today. They were having naps after lunch, I guess. She is a good dog. She runs around, but she will come back to check on us when she hears my command. She also understands another command, which means I am changing directions, so she will come back.
'I ran a lot today'
This particular tree looks like a somebody's house. Look, there is a little chimney on top of it. I remember those houses where Peter Pan and children live in Neverland.

Who lives here?
 The public side of woods has evergreen trees, too.

Blean woods
 We came out of the woods near the parking area. It was full by then, and the path to the entrance was muddy.
Mike and Topaz
We much prefer to walking in a private land. It is so quiet and we meet nobody else.

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