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Friday, 23 November 2012

My new whippet and the rabbit matching mayonnaise containers

Hello everyone. One of the new whippets was completed. It is larger than any of the previous whippets I have sold. This time, I used milk white glaze. It is white with a hint of warmth. It reminds me of white marble. What do you think?

Milky white whippet
Milky white matt glaze whippet

In the meantime, 'Waiting for the next BANG' got some oxide treatment. I added more oxide on him before sending him for firing. Usually I have to refire the figures with oxide finish due to most of oxide being burnt. So this is just the beginning.  He, sort of, matches the containers in the background, which makes me laugh!

A student told me that she likes the abstract way oxides were painted on him. Although I explained her that a large amount of oxides would be burnt out during the firing, I feel I should paint one of my figures with bold underglaze colours. I have Japanese calligraphy brushes with me, so I could make strong strokes with them.      

'Waiting for the next BANG!'

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