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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ready for the second firing!

Hello everyone  I have been in the studio this evening. I did some glazing. Lots of people say they don't like glazing. I have to agree. Glazing too often disappoints me. I used to anticipate a beautiful finish on my pieces. But not now. It is almost my routine to fire my work a couple of times. I add more and more as I each time.

This is the rabbit I showed you the other day. As I had expected, the oxides got burnt out. This time I added underglaze and rutile oxide. I feel this won't be the last firing.
He is ready for the second firing. 
On Tuesday evenings, I often share the studio with the third year undergraduates. I like looking at their work. They often give me inspiration. This is Lenka Bellova's work. She is going to put the deer head on her large urn. How wonderful! I am looking forwards to seeing the finished article!

A deer head by Lenka Bellova


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