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Monday, 12 November 2012

A whole day of whippets.

Hello everyone. How was your Monday? Mine was as productive as any Monday could be. I made six whippets today. I was fulfilling an order, but carried on making more.  It takes one to two hours to make one whippet. So literally I have spent a whole day and evening carving these beautiful dogs out of the clay lump. It was so absorbing that time flew.

Far right is a puppy.

We are all whippets!
When I went to feed our parrots, Beaper was inside his feeder ring with his head down and the tail up. It was very funny. When I fetched the camera, he stood upside. He looks apprehensive in this photos. He doesn't like the lens. But after this snap, I praised him. He became more relaxed and started doing all sorts of dance. I hope I could take better shots to share with you next time.    

Musical Beaper


  1. My daughter adores whippets, I think The Simpsons are to blame! ;) Your dogs look lovely all lined up in a row like that.
    Jess x

    1. Thank you, Jess. Whippets (and other sighthounds) are the most beautiful domestic animals to me! Are you going to add one to your family soon? ; )