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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It's my birthday, but lots of Pearl's pictures!

Hello everyone. Price Charles and I share the same birthday, not the year, mind you. We both also studied social anthropology. I wish HRH the best birthday.

These gifts are from Mike. He delighted me by waking me up with a pretty card this morning. Thank you, Mike.  

My birthday, today. 
We usually go out on the birthdays, but alas, I have a class to go to this evening. We had to postpone going out. Mike took an afternoon off. so, we took Pearl to a long walk this afternoon. (Topaz went to the post office with me yesterday).

Above the walking path
Because I was taking the photo above the path, Pearl also looked up. Of course, she was looking for a squirrel.

Where is the squirrel?
 She is fully alert. I could tell from those ears!

Look at my big ears!
One foot up. 
 Here is the photo of three shadows. Daddy, mummy and Pearl!
 Where is the squirrel? 

How beautiful the trees are! The late fox used to come from this way. I wish there were Narnia beyond this lamp post.  
Orange and copper coloured leaves in the late afternoon sun


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