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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Alex Katz at the Turner Contemporary

Hello everyone. I had a hectic day. First in the morning, I went to see a doctor at the hospital at the other side of the city. In order to avoid commuting rush, we left just after eight for the appointment at 8:50. (Mike took a day off and drove me) If the road is quiet, it takes only 10 minutes or less. We arrived much earlier, of course, but took about 10 minutes to find the exact spot to see the doctor. There were maze-like corridors in the hospital. When we finally reached the reception, I thought we had walked about 1 km. Mike thought it was a half km. I guess it was between two. Luckily I was given a clean bill of health, and already back home just after nine. So quick! Then I had a difficult morning in the office. There are lots of companies issuing profit warnings for Q3 2012. It has been tough going.

After having Mike's cooked lunch, pasta with leek, peas and Parma ham. (very yummy!), we headed to The Turner Contemporary at Margate. Alex Katz exhibition is on. His iconic 'Red coat' was one of my unforgettable images in the 80's. When I went to NY for a short break around that time, one of my purposes was to see Katz' paintings in person.

Margate against the blue sky
We had a glorious blue sky. Margate is being regenerated, but against this blue sky, everything looked prettier.

We also spotted urban fox...
...and a staffie. 


There was a nice tea and coffe shop, and at the window I found this hook. 

After we cross here, the smell of seaweed hits the nostrils, and we are at the Turner Contemporary.

Turner Contemporary

Current exhibition-Alex Katz
 'Red coat' was not there, but I liked 'Cut out', 'Black hat' and 'Beige water'.
A view from the window.
There was an installation at the foyer. Tempo para Respirar by Maria Nepomuceno. We had a fun playing here. 

Maria Nepomuceno

After seeing art, it's a coffee time! Mike is ordering coffee and a walnut and coffee cake. It was huge. We shared it. The cake she is serving is the one.

There was a girl rabbit.
While I was waiting for coffee and the cake to come, I took some photos.

At the Cafe. 



Blue sky
My  saucer

When we finished, it was suddenly cloudy and dark.  Our glorious time was over.

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