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Monday, 19 November 2012

Double act

Hello everyone. Here are photos of Double act taken this morning. The head and body are not attached; I just placed the head gently on the body.
Putin head  
First, Putin head just appeared. Then I had to think a lot while I made the rest. I tried to make a cat head at the back, to start with. I thought about Russian girl band, Pussy Riot; three girls were arrested after a protest against Putin at a cathedral.
Serpent side
But clay had a different idea. It became lion, and then this serpent with a small horn. The body came naturally, as if it had been all planned before i knew I was going to make it.

As you can see the head part is stoneware white and the body is grey. I am going to reduction fire the body part. So It's a bit of anarchy. I guess it would be most suitable for this double headed monster.

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