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Friday, 9 November 2012

'The answer was in the box' was fired.

Hello everyone. I am a bit sleepy today. Last night our poor Timneh Grey parrots, both Scooter and Beaper, fell off the perches, four times. They are in the next room to our bedroom. At each fall, I became awake, but the last fall at three o'clock in the morning woke me up completely. (Mike didn't notice even one! But he told me that he was also sleepy today.)

One of my masks, 'The answer was in the box' was fired. I am happy with it. It was an experiment with slip. I was expecting that the slip would crackle, but it didn't. There are only a couple of cracks appeared. Still I got a similar effect to what I wanted.

'The answer was in the box'
His master, Monkey is not decorated yet. I am experimenting with the glaze. The photo of both are here, if you haven't seen them before. I made them when I had fever.

I have been busy today. I had to over-work, too. Next week could be worse. November is the second busiest month for my work. But tomorrow I will go to a life drawing session. I will take clay with me. I am keen to observe the knees, neck and ears of the model. I will report you what tomorrow brings.  


  1. I love the red circle---(is that enso?) Sometimes more crackling shows later. "The Answer Was In The Box" has a wonderful expression.

    1. Yes, it is. It is my best ever circle, I think. Thank you. I like him, and love to put him next to Monkey when Monkey is done. I hope crackles will appear. I will keep an eye on him!