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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pear tart, missing painting and blue 'white slip'

Hello everyone. Last night we let Pearl sleep on the landing. I ended up tucking her twice and got woken by her sleep barking once. In the afternoon, we shampooed her and washed her bedding, we let her sleep above a hot pipe on the landing so she wouldn't catch a cold. Today she went back to the lounge next to Topaz. We hope we can have a good nights sleep tonight.

Yesterday Mike took the afternoon off, and baked another pear tart. He bakes twice a week. It is so delicious that we finish it over a couple of days. It's not good for our waist lines. But who cares. : )

Mike's delicious pear tart
 From six to nine yesterday evening we did a peer critique. In the room I found these. They are amusing.

Did the painting go for a walk?

Very blue eye

And this rabbit is not amusing. I painted slip from a container labeled as ' White vitreous slip' in the studio. Look at this!
Very Blue white slip...
I can only guess that white slip was not white. It is rather blue 'white slip'. Aghhh. Making rocks, but the rest of ceramics (glazing, firing and all) really sucks!  I might try to paint underglaze on top. It can't make it worse, I suppose. Tears.


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