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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Autumn sky and 'Waiting for a Bang'

Hello everyone. We have had some sunshine recently. It is such pleasure to walk dogs on such days. Shadows became longer and days became shorter.

Autumn colour

Dog walk on campus
 Last night I started making this rabbit. Our dog, Topaz is terrified of fireworks. (Pearl doesn't pay any attention and sleeps through, next to Topaz) Every year, she tries to hide inside the laundry machine or behind furniture. Of course, last night was Guy Fawkes Night, so there were fireworks all around us. She was hyper-ventilating, and very alert. She waits for next bang with her ears erected and with eyes wide open. We pity her, but there is nothing we can do to help her, except for putting the TV on next to her bed.

After tucking distressed Topaz  in to her bed, I started making this rabbit head and chest. I finished making the bottom part today. Mike took this photo tonight. I now realise that once the head is on two layers, his stare is not in the way I wanted.  So I will check it tomorrow.

'Waiting for a BANG'


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